Hello, my name is Tomi Ahonen.

These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy “pivoting” your app.

Nokia announces additional cuts, kills Linux-based project Meltemi and doubles down on Windows Phone. Tomi Ahonen announces additional conspiracy theories, kills common sense and doubles down on the crazy (yeah, like I’m going to link to that).

Microsoft buys Yammer for 1.2 billion dollars in an attempt to add a social layer to enterprise software. Hopefully they’ll be careful with the branding.

WWDC, Apple, overpriced notebooks, yada yada yada, here’s something really important: Safari on iOS6 has support for some advanced APIs.

A student from NYU’s Tisch/ITP program built a 3D printer that prints burritos. If that’s not a sign of the upcoming renaissance in American manufacturing, I don’t know what is.

@Sweden is the official Twitter account for the country of Sweden and every week a different Swede is chosen to run the account. Sonja, this week’s owner, reminds us that the concept of the troll is a nordic invention. This correspondent misses her already.

And finally: here’s a corgi cover of Call Me Maybe.

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