These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy trying to make sense of a Supreme Court decision.

Microsoft unveiled a preview of their new website. It’s probably the first Fortune 500 to deploy a website with a responsive design (is it?). TL;DR: play around of with the width of the browser window and see how the content rearranges for various display resolutions.

Twitter makes the usage of its API more restrictive in the name of “consistency”. They have done this before. Like last time, third-party developers will react angrily screaming “thank you sir, can I have another”. Note that Twitter  is starting to show encouraging numbers for its mobile ads. “Consistency” in this case probably means making sure those ads connect to eyeballs, something that won’t happen if API rules are too lax.

Today marks the fifth year anniversary of the launch of the iPhone. If you were working in the mobile industry before that day, have you already internalized the fact that your experience is worthless? Like, remember before June 2007, when Flash was poised to become a big deal on mobile? Exactly. Also, RIM announced results this week. Yes. Your experience is worthless.

This Saturday, France is pulling the plug on its Minitel network. Another casualty of the internet, together with record companies and printed newspapers. By the way – guess who was just taken out behind the shed? Somebody has to do something about this internet thing before it does some real damage.

O’Reilly Media launches a great beta feature – now you can sync all your (DRM free) ebooks with your Dropbox account.

And finally: A sensible proposal – why Uranus is called Uranus and why we should stop pronouncing it Uranus and say Uranus instead. Uranus.

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