i’ve seen the FUTURE it’s NOT HERE YET

This is a list of very important people from very important companies saying big, bold things about HTML5 (and, by extension, the web as an application platform) over the past couple of years.

  • “The Web has not seen this level of transformation, this level of acceleration, in the past ten years (…) we’re betting big on HTML5.”  – Vic Gundotra, VP of Engineering, Google, 2009
  • “We love HTML5 so much, we wanted it to actually work.”  – Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate VP for Internet Explorer, Microsoft, 2011
  • “The world is moving to HTML5” – Steve Jobs (reportedly), CEO, Apple, 2010
  •  “We are internalizing our own strategies around HTML5 to prove out that this emphasis on the mobile Web can actually work.”  – Eric Tseng, Head of Mobile, Facebook, 2011
  • “HTML5 brings to the table (…) the freedom to create rich, dynamic and interactive experiences for any platform with a web browser”  – John Ciancutti, VP of Personalization Technology, Netflix, 2010
  • “HTML5 Apps are really going to be the way to deliver all apps on mobile devices.” – Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce.com, 2011

Now consider that Facebook, the home of the mythical Project Spartan, will  deploy a native app for iOS this summer, reportedly because of performance issues with the previous, hybrid iOS application.

Is everybody in that list still as bullish on HTML5?