It is too early to trample on Siri’s corpse. So for now just stop and admire Apple’s panache. They tried to beat Google in Google’s home turf – natural language processing, information retrieval and six or seven other very hairy computer science subjects that were mostly restricted to academia before Google decided to package them to consumers. Apple felt confident enough to try and create what would become, in the long run, a Google replacement in the Apple ecosystem (and perhaps beyond).

(A bit of context: the first video shows 40 voice searches being conducted on Android’s new version, Jelly Bean. The second video shows a similar attempt with similar queries with Siri on iOS6)

Just like Netscape one day looked at Microsoft and saw nothing but “a poorly debugged set of device drivers” (the quote is not Andreessen’s but whatever, it is too delicious), Apple looked a Google and saw nothing but a PhD. thesis gone awry. And thought they could do better.

Can they?