PandoDaily’s rough guide to Asia

These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy memorizing the right button sequence.

Ah, PandoDaily. You never cease to amaze us. While commenting on the success of a South Korean start-up, writer Hamish Mckenzie marveled at the fact that this start-up hailed from a country “known more for fermented cabbage than for innovation.”

This was a busy week at the hardware rumor mill. Today there were reports that Amazon is working on a smartphone. Way more interesting than the smartphone itself is the distribution model they’ll chose. Will they sell it through their own channels with a subsidy like they do with the Kindle Fire? Or will they find friendly operators to embrace the device?

And earlier in the week Bloomberg reported that Apple would launch a 7-inch iPad. Soon after they reported on the Apple stock rally fueled by their initial report. As a side note, this correspondent is a big fan of the seven inch format for portability and is happy to see some real competition in this segment, so far dominated by the Kindle Fire.

Remember when GM publicly pulled their Facebook ad campaigns saying they were getting no returns? Apparently it’s kiss and make up time. Totally missing from this discussion: the fact that GM hasn’t been very successful marketing its products, with or without Facebook’s help.

The city of Mcallen, Texas turned a former WalMart into a public library. Every white person in Brooklyn made this face when they found out about it.

Twitter issued a Transparency Report this week saying they have never complied with a government request to take down a tweet. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, said governments all over the globe in unison.

And finally: Belarusians do it synchronized.

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