These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy trying to understand the legal definition of cool.

Nothing, not even the protagonist’s best friend in a Hollywood action trilogy, dies a slower death than a mobile platform.

@Kellan launched a search engine for the first 12 months of tweets appropriately named oldtweets. Rationale here. Buzzfeed compiled some highlights. Missing from that list? Anything related to Digg, which is now so appropriate.

Apple left something called “the EPEAT registry”. A lot of people who until two weeks ago had no idea what the EPEAT registry was got really concerned, because this really matters! Marco Arment wrote the most obvious sentence in the history of tech blogging (that first paragraph is a gem). Then Apple backtracked and rendered the whole discussion completely irrelevant.

If your black hat SEO tactics are now hurting your SEO, it’s time to get the lawyers involved.

This week’s must read? CNET’s tell-all about Netflix’s “lost year”. The whole story is cringe-inducing and should serve as a warning that will be royally ignored by would be self-disruptors trying to be ahead of the curve and firing their own customers.

Are you finding hard to keep up with all these new technologies, languages, platforms and frameworks? Do you want these damn kids to get off your lawn? You’re not alone.

A Kickstarter campaign for an $99 Android-based game console has raised almost $5 million by the time of this writing.

And finally: Breaking Bad Season 5 premieres this Sunday. Do you need a refresher?

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