These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy looking for that damn ticket.

Larry Page didn’t just lose Marissa Mayer – apparently he’s also losing his voice.

The top news of the day, summarized at the end of the day: Evening Edition. Simple idea, well executed.

Michael Mace gives RIM a great tip in dealing with the press: don’t mention your death spiral if you don’t want people talking about your death spiral.

New York-based Breakfast created an electromagnetic dot display for a TV promotion. The result is fantastic.

Remember when America’s hearts swooned by listening to Obama singing Al Green’s “Let’s stay together”? BMG didn’t give a shit and issued a takedown notice. YouTube complied.

Did you “lose” the hologram that proves your Rolex is genuine? Fear not, the internet is here  to help.

They say the Google Nexus 7 tablet is a joy to use, if you manage to unbox it without shredding it to pieces.

And finally: there’s no hurdle you can’t conquer with the right amount of charm and a positive attitude (hell yeah pun intended, via @marceloeduardo).

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