A homage to Hugh

These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy googling for the perfect neighborhood in Guayaquil.

Twitter made everybody unhappy this week (not really, it was just a handful of nerds). Don’t even bother with the official announcement and the “quadrants” and go read Anil Dash’s rewrite. This correspondent’s opinion, if you care: Twitter faced a choice of being a lean protocol versus a rich medium and decided to go as far as possible from being a protocol as they could at this moment. The natural path for Twitter as it was evolving up until now was to become a “dumb pipe”, in the parlance of telecommunications. Here’s a funny thing about companies destined to become dumb pipes: none of them wants to become a dumb pipe.

To handle the backlash and man public relations, Twitter hired a guy with an impeccable resume.

Groupon’s shares are down 77% from the IPO price. Facebook is down 50% from the IPO, and is now being called “worst IPO ever”. Does Sarah Lacey still blame NASDAQ glitches?

Hipstamatic sacked the whole staff except for a “core team” of five people. What’s more shocking? The news of the layoff or the fact that Hipstamatic had a team of more than five people?

Mobile payments company Square is on fire. Last week we had the Starbucks partnership announcement. This week, they announced a flat monthly fee option for merchants, which is a very bold move. Coincidentally or not, this correspondent today purchased a burrito at a neighborhood Mexican restaurant that used Square as a register – my first square transaction on a retailer that could have easily afford a standard Verifone POS.

In this week’s social media marketing fail, Subway gets a mouthful (NSFW).

Ev Williams, of Blogger.com and Twitter fame, launched content publishing and sharing product Medium in closed beta.

Terms of Service – Didn’t Read (TOS; DR) is one of the greatest initiatives in internet consumer advocacy in recent times.

And finally: Dave Coulthard drove an F1 car through the Lincoln Tunnel reaching top speeds of 190MPH. This is just a teaser, but very worth watching.

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