These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy sending faxes from the beach.

If you’re one of the beautiful people adorning the halls of the country club that is App.Net (like Yours Truly), you can find your Twitter friends using this tool.

You know where you can’t find your Twitter friends? On Instagram, of course, but that’s so last week. Doubling down on the campaign to piss off the internet (not really, just a handful of nerds), Twitter this week cut off Tumblr’s access to the “find friends” functionality, too.

Speaking of Twitter, here’s a proposal for a decentralized social networking protocol, which strikes this correspondent as a better solution (at least in principle, I can’t judge the technical merits of the proposed architecture) –  if we’re really serious about replacing the thing and making social networking a part of the internet’s plumbing.

Marissa left and Google’s executive team starts turning into a sausage party. Rumor has it that Cupertino got wind of this copycat behavior is threatening to sue.

This week, Apple’s became the largest company of all time in market cap. Except when you account for inflation, which makes 1999’s Microsoft (ah, those were the days) still the winner.  Not for long, though.

Facebook launched the new native-based iOS client, as promised. The question remains: what does that say for the future of HTML5 as mobile application runtime? (Previously)

This reminded me of this“He’s not like a record company guy at all! He’s like one of us.”

And finally: Here’s a video of Curiosity’s descent on Mars, in full 1080p glory.

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