Since this correspondent moved to Brooklyn and entered (some would say re-entered) the wonderful world of client services, he can’t really find time to blog anymore (well, you can blame that and some prudent self-censorship). However, deep within the cottony crevices of the cloud lies a file with a list of half-baked post ideas. Since they are now somewhat cold and there’s very little chance of any of these ideas actually becoming robust blog posts at some point, it seems fair that they’re dumped here as a testament to the things that occupy the minds at Uniform Zulu Zero Zero, Inc.

  • Twitter has just been hacked. My account was among the 250,000 that were compromised. This is probably a good time to revisit an old post. That’s a house favorite – you should read it.
  • While we’re in the subject of Twitter, they launched something called Vine. No need to explain what it is, just take a look at the Vine posts on Adam Goldberg’s feed.
  • And while we’re in the subject of hacking, you probably heard about Andrew Auernheimer’s (aka Weev) conviction for hacking an AT&T website last year. If you never heard of Weev, you should read his profile on Gawker, written by internet superhero Adrian Chen.
  • But here’s the twist that’s so attractive about this story. On the same day Weev was receiving his sentence for exposing the personal data of iPad users, Apple SVP Eddy Cue was being fired by Apple because of the whole Maps debacle. These stories share interesting parallels – Apple, accountability, blame, and a moment of reckoning.
  • Blackberry launched a BB10 device last week to mixed reviews (mostly positive). Someone made the mistake to ask this correspondent for his opinion. Here’s the result.
  • And here’s a saddest thing about the Blackberry Z10 – it’s yet another rectangular glass slab. One of the most irritating legacies of Apple’s dominance over the smartphone market is upon us – nobody dares to innovate in form factors anymore. Kids, please vacate my lawn, but while you’re at it, do you remember when we used to have flip phones, candybars, slides, qwerty keyboards and even round phones? The need for different form factors is openly ridicularized now.
  • Two articles that came out on the same day last year: The New York Times profiled Mark Penn, a “brawler”, a political operator who was hired by Microsoft to put a squeeze on Google. On the same day Google announced it was dropping the support for Microsoft’s ActiveSync protocol in GMail, basically locking Windows Phone users out of the service. I wonder if the brawler is still brawling.
  • At the UZ00 headquarters we’re big, huge, elephantine fans of Sir David Tang and his column “Agony Uncle”, published on the Financial Times weekend edition. Answering a question from a reader last October, he wrote: “To sacrifice your proper gear and dress down in an attempt to look trendy is reverse ostentation, which is worse than ostentation itself”. Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie immediately came to mind. As did Jack Dorsey’s Prada suit. They probably cancel each other out.

Ah, feels good to write here. Take care, enjoy your weekend and follow me on Twitter.