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These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy sending faxes from the beach.

If you’re one of the beautiful people adorning the halls of the country club that is App.Net (like Yours Truly), you can find your Twitter friends using this tool.

You know where you can’t find your Twitter friends? On Instagram, of course, but that’s so last week. Doubling down on the campaign to piss off the internet (not really, just a handful of nerds), Twitter this week cut off Tumblr’s access to the “find friends” functionality, too.

Speaking of Twitter, here’s a proposal for a decentralized social networking protocol, which strikes this correspondent as a better solution (at least in principle, I can’t judge the technical merits of the proposed architecture) –  if we’re really serious about replacing the thing and making social networking a part of the internet’s plumbing.

Marissa left and Google’s executive team starts turning into a sausage party. Rumor has it that Cupertino got wind of this copycat behavior is threatening to sue.

This week, Apple’s became the largest company of all time in market cap. Except when you account for inflation, which makes 1999’s Microsoft (ah, those were the days) still the winner.  Not for long, though.

Facebook launched the new native-based iOS client, as promised. The question remains: what does that say for the future of HTML5 as mobile application runtime? (Previously)

This reminded me of this“He’s not like a record company guy at all! He’s like one of us.”

And finally: Here’s a video of Curiosity’s descent on Mars, in full 1080p glory.

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A homage to Hugh

These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy googling for the perfect neighborhood in Guayaquil.

Twitter made everybody unhappy this week (not really, it was just a handful of nerds). Don’t even bother with the official announcement and the “quadrants” and go read Anil Dash’s rewrite. This correspondent’s opinion, if you care: Twitter faced a choice of being a lean protocol versus a rich medium and decided to go as far as possible from being a protocol as they could at this moment. The natural path for Twitter as it was evolving up until now was to become a “dumb pipe”, in the parlance of telecommunications. Here’s a funny thing about companies destined to become dumb pipes: none of them wants to become a dumb pipe.

To handle the backlash and man public relations, Twitter hired a guy with an impeccable resume.

Groupon’s shares are down 77% from the IPO price. Facebook is down 50% from the IPO, and is now being called “worst IPO ever”. Does Sarah Lacey still blame NASDAQ glitches?

Hipstamatic sacked the whole staff except for a “core team” of five people. What’s more shocking? The news of the layoff or the fact that Hipstamatic had a team of more than five people?

Mobile payments company Square is on fire. Last week we had the Starbucks partnership announcement. This week, they announced a flat monthly fee option for merchants, which is a very bold move. Coincidentally or not, this correspondent today purchased a burrito at a neighborhood Mexican restaurant that used Square as a register – my first square transaction on a retailer that could have easily afford a standard Verifone POS.

In this week’s social media marketing fail, Subway gets a mouthful (NSFW).

Ev Williams, of and Twitter fame, launched content publishing and sharing product Medium in closed beta.

Terms of Service – Didn’t Read (TOS; DR) is one of the greatest initiatives in internet consumer advocacy in recent times.

And finally: Dave Coulthard drove an F1 car through the Lincoln Tunnel reaching top speeds of 190MPH. This is just a teaser, but very worth watching.

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These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy looking for that damn ticket.

Larry Page didn’t just lose Marissa Mayer – apparently he’s also losing his voice.

The top news of the day, summarized at the end of the day: Evening Edition. Simple idea, well executed.

Michael Mace gives RIM a great tip in dealing with the press: don’t mention your death spiral if you don’t want people talking about your death spiral.

New York-based Breakfast created an electromagnetic dot display for a TV promotion. The result is fantastic.

Remember when America’s hearts swooned by listening to Obama singing Al Green’s “Let’s stay together”? BMG didn’t give a shit and issued a takedown notice. YouTube complied.

Did you “lose” the hologram that proves your Rolex is genuine? Fear not, the internet is here  to help.

They say the Google Nexus 7 tablet is a joy to use, if you manage to unbox it without shredding it to pieces.

And finally: there’s no hurdle you can’t conquer with the right amount of charm and a positive attitude (hell yeah pun intended, via @marceloeduardo).

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These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy trying to understand the legal definition of cool.

Nothing, not even the protagonist’s best friend in a Hollywood action trilogy, dies a slower death than a mobile platform.

@Kellan launched a search engine for the first 12 months of tweets appropriately named oldtweets. Rationale here. Buzzfeed compiled some highlights. Missing from that list? Anything related to Digg, which is now so appropriate.

Apple left something called “the EPEAT registry”. A lot of people who until two weeks ago had no idea what the EPEAT registry was got really concerned, because this really matters! Marco Arment wrote the most obvious sentence in the history of tech blogging (that first paragraph is a gem). Then Apple backtracked and rendered the whole discussion completely irrelevant.

If your black hat SEO tactics are now hurting your SEO, it’s time to get the lawyers involved.

This week’s must read? CNET’s tell-all about Netflix’s “lost year”. The whole story is cringe-inducing and should serve as a warning that will be royally ignored by would be self-disruptors trying to be ahead of the curve and firing their own customers.

Are you finding hard to keep up with all these new technologies, languages, platforms and frameworks? Do you want these damn kids to get off your lawn? You’re not alone.

A Kickstarter campaign for an $99 Android-based game console has raised almost $5 million by the time of this writing.

And finally: Breaking Bad Season 5 premieres this Sunday. Do you need a refresher?

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PandoDaily’s rough guide to Asia

These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy memorizing the right button sequence.

Ah, PandoDaily. You never cease to amaze us. While commenting on the success of a South Korean start-up, writer Hamish Mckenzie marveled at the fact that this start-up hailed from a country “known more for fermented cabbage than for innovation.”

This was a busy week at the hardware rumor mill. Today there were reports that Amazon is working on a smartphone. Way more interesting than the smartphone itself is the distribution model they’ll chose. Will they sell it through their own channels with a subsidy like they do with the Kindle Fire? Or will they find friendly operators to embrace the device?

And earlier in the week Bloomberg reported that Apple would launch a 7-inch iPad. Soon after they reported on the Apple stock rally fueled by their initial report. As a side note, this correspondent is a big fan of the seven inch format for portability and is happy to see some real competition in this segment, so far dominated by the Kindle Fire.

Remember when GM publicly pulled their Facebook ad campaigns saying they were getting no returns? Apparently it’s kiss and make up time. Totally missing from this discussion: the fact that GM hasn’t been very successful marketing its products, with or without Facebook’s help.

The city of Mcallen, Texas turned a former WalMart into a public library. Every white person in Brooklyn made this face when they found out about it.

Twitter issued a Transparency Report this week saying they have never complied with a government request to take down a tweet. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, said governments all over the globe in unison.

And finally: Belarusians do it synchronized.

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These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy trying to make sense of a Supreme Court decision.

Microsoft unveiled a preview of their new website. It’s probably the first Fortune 500 to deploy a website with a responsive design (is it?). TL;DR: play around of with the width of the browser window and see how the content rearranges for various display resolutions.

Twitter makes the usage of its API more restrictive in the name of “consistency”. They have done this before. Like last time, third-party developers will react angrily screaming “thank you sir, can I have another”. Note that Twitter  is starting to show encouraging numbers for its mobile ads. “Consistency” in this case probably means making sure those ads connect to eyeballs, something that won’t happen if API rules are too lax.

Today marks the fifth year anniversary of the launch of the iPhone. If you were working in the mobile industry before that day, have you already internalized the fact that your experience is worthless? Like, remember before June 2007, when Flash was poised to become a big deal on mobile? Exactly. Also, RIM announced results this week. Yes. Your experience is worthless.

This Saturday, France is pulling the plug on its Minitel network. Another casualty of the internet, together with record companies and printed newspapers. By the way – guess who was just taken out behind the shed? Somebody has to do something about this internet thing before it does some real damage.

O’Reilly Media launches a great beta feature – now you can sync all your (DRM free) ebooks with your Dropbox account.

And finally: A sensible proposal – why Uranus is called Uranus and why we should stop pronouncing it Uranus and say Uranus instead. Uranus.

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These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy hating on Larry Ellison.

Twitter went down for a bit yesterday. It was so serious that even the Fail Whale failed to make an appearance. As expected, the internet freaked the fuck out.

Microsoft was on a roll this week. First, they announced the Surface tablet on Monday and then the long awaited Windows Phone 8 on Thursday. Existing devices won’t be upgradable, but to assuage the disappointment of Windows Phone 7 users, they also announced Windows Phone 7.8.

Responding to Apple’s announcement in the map space, Google drops prices and simplifies limits on the Maps API. Which is a nice move, but a defensive one. Remember, Google I/O is next week. Apple and Microsoft have put together a couple of tough acts to follow in the past two weeks. How can Google upstage them? This correspondent recommends they pull a reverse Jerry Lee Lewis and set a grand piano on fire.

In a horrifying display of lack of wisdom in picking their battles, the U.S. Olympic Committee sent a cease-and-desist letter to social network Ravelry because of their ongoing kitting competition “Ravelympics”, attracting the ire of two million knitters on the internet. Startled by the angry reaction that came upon them like the heat of a thousand suns, the U.S. Olympic Committee backpedaled, dropped the complaint and apologized. TWICE. Which was timely, because by then the internet was already busy hating someone else.

And finally: the video that’s causing absolute furor in the amateur mycology community.

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Hello, my name is Tomi Ahonen.

These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy “pivoting” your app.

Nokia announces additional cuts, kills Linux-based project Meltemi and doubles down on Windows Phone. Tomi Ahonen announces additional conspiracy theories, kills common sense and doubles down on the crazy (yeah, like I’m going to link to that).

Microsoft buys Yammer for 1.2 billion dollars in an attempt to add a social layer to enterprise software. Hopefully they’ll be careful with the branding.

WWDC, Apple, overpriced notebooks, yada yada yada, here’s something really important: Safari on iOS6 has support for some advanced APIs.

A student from NYU’s Tisch/ITP program built a 3D printer that prints burritos. If that’s not a sign of the upcoming renaissance in American manufacturing, I don’t know what is.

@Sweden is the official Twitter account for the country of Sweden and every week a different Swede is chosen to run the account. Sonja, this week’s owner, reminds us that the concept of the troll is a nordic invention. This correspondent misses her already.

And finally: here’s a corgi cover of Call Me Maybe.

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These are the news you should have paid attention to but didn’t, because you were too busy changing your passwords all over the internets

Google is still buying things. And buying things. This correspondent thinks the Quickoffice acquisition is the more interesting of the two. Here’s why (sorta).

Foursquare has a new iPhone and Android app. Apparently the recommendation engine behind it is quite sophisticated. Fred Wilson wrote an interesting piece where he talks about some assumptions behind the redesign: “In social media, one of my main [frameworks] is the tenet that 1% of the users will create content, 10% will curate it, and the rest will consume it”.

Twitter changed its logo. The new brandmark was “crafted purely from three sets of overlapping circles”. I wish we stopped using “craft” for non-physical things, since we can’t stop using “curate” (see above).

Coming soon – the nano SIM based on Apple’s proposal.

You would think consumers who cannot fit a wireless contract in their monthly budget would be wary to plop $650 upfront for a smartphone. You would be wrong.

And finally: here’s Venus basking in the glory of the almighty sun. There’s a Uranus joke to be made here, but I feel it’s beneath me.

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