No better way to warn one of his impeding doom than by telling a nice story

This correspondent has been rereading the history of HTML5 and has been taken aback by the dramatic aspect of it. It has all the components of a classic tragedy – power, love, hubris, deceit, downfall. If there’s a theater, or even better, an opera producer in the audience, please get out your checkbook and acquire the rights to this story, because it is pure gold. It’s the new King Lear.

Tim Berners-Lee is the senile king, playing the title role. Old and tired, and with big designs about the future of the realm. His daughters Goneril and Regan are the W3C, promising him eternal love but only have eyes for the kingdom that will be bequeathed to them. His third daughter, Cordelia, is the honest one. Not afraid of speaking truth to power, she’s disinherited by the king. She is, of course the WHATWG. The Earl of Kent (Opera Software) protests the treatment received by Cordelia and gets himself banished from the kingdom for being insubordinate. The King of France is impressed by Cordelia’s strength of character and marries her. He is played by Apple.

Now comes the part that didn’t happen yet: From there things go downhill pretty quick – the king is deceived by Goneril and Regan and goes completely mad. Throughout it all, the Fool, played by none other than Mozilla, stays by his side. Then mostly everybody dies a very violent death, including Cordelia, who’s hanged under Edmund’s orders (you can choose who’s your favorite to play him).  Lear succumbs to the unbearable pain. Kent announces he’s going to kill himself. The end.

Writers of the world – that scent you’re picking up in the air? That’s the fragance of an EGOT.